Who we are

BCQ CANADA was created as a result of numerous requests from customers needing accurate information and a reliable external resource for regulatory and certification assistance. We remove the costly barriers established by some certification agencies and remove the notions that all systems must meet an individual third party auditor needs. It is your company’s contractual obligation to your customer needs that is focused on. BCQ CANADA assesses your systems and determines the degree of compliance based on the output of your process which is determined by your customer requirements, records and facts. BCQ CANADA, Inc. has the expertise to help companies from small to large who need regulatory assistance and accurate information. We also provide ISO 9001, 14001 certification services, AS9100, AS9120, ISO 13485, CMDCAS, MDD, OHSAS 18001, ISO 28000, ISO 27001 and training services. A value added audit service for costs that are less than other Certification Bodies. All auditors are industry certified and have more than 15 years of industry knowledge and auditing experience.

We provide a higher level of service for customers that cannot meet the ever changing demands of quality requirements from your customers and from industry. We also perform vendor assessment audits and quality program implementation services for both you and on your suppliers. BCQ CANADA can offer all regulatory services for your company such as UL, BCQ, CE, ISO 13485, MDD, FDA and many other regulatory requirements. Our belief is that your company management system does meet the requirements of any standard and your customers. Some auditors have pre-conceived requirements that can hinder your ability to meet the demands of your customer. This approach wastes your company’s valuable resources and provides no value. We provide a realistic approach to the needs of your industry. Our approach is thorough but also realistic and fair. BCQ CANADA is an accredited third party registrar.

Your Industry

Industrial & manufacturing

Controlling quality and managing risk are vital to the success of industrial process and manufacturing companies. To avoid costly shutdowns, companies seek to implement rigorous quality management systems, and regularly assess the safety, performance and integrity of their equipment and facilities. Ensure the safety, efficiency and reliability of your activities, equipment and operations. Our principal focus is supporting safety and reliability and preserving asset integrity. Services such as risk-based inspection go beyond pure compliance. They focus on testing and inspecting process equipment in a high-risk environment to minimize potential losses in terms of safety, environmental and equipment damage and business interruption. Oil analysis also plays an important role in minimizing production downtime due to equipment failure.

chemicals & Petrochemicals

BCQ provides services throughout the chemicals value chain to help manufacturers and traders manage risk, control quality and safeguard the integrity of their assets. We test the composition and quality of chemicals and petrochemicals via our global network of laboratories, at client sites, or at ports. These testing services enable our clients to confirm their products meet the required specifications. We also offer certification programs in quality and environmental management. BCQ plays a vital role in supporting chemicals companies in the construction and operation of facilities. We focus on anticipating, reducing and managing risk from design stage, and on ensuring long-term asset integrity. This continues once the facility is in operation, with periodic inspections and non-destructive testing.

Oil & Gas

BCQ's upstream and downstream services for the oil and gas industry focus on safeguarding people and assets, and on helping clients accurately determine the quality and quantity of their oil. We are present in all strategic oil and gas hubs, and at all stages of the value chain, from extraction and refining to transportation by ship and road and processing into petrochemicals. BCQ offers inspection, non-destructive testing, and asset management integrity solutions to help clients maximize the effectiveness and life of onshore and offshore facilities. Our certification and classification services cover platforms and equipment, as well as health and safety management systems and vessels used to transport and offload oil and LNG.

Agriculture & Food

BCQoffers a wide range of testing, inspection and certification programs for the food and agricultural industries. We work with the agricultural industry to inspect and certify the quantity and quality of production and shipment. We also carry out Verification of Conformity (VoC) on behalf of national governments. This inspection and testing service protects consumers by confirming that imported food and agricultural products, including insecticides and pesticides, meet agreed national and international standards. We offer food safety and quality testing for food products against most international standards. These testing services help food processing companies and retailers mitigate risks, preserve reputation, and gain access to international markets. Specific services include supplier audits and analysis of raw materials, process quality assurance, quality control checks and final product analysis.


Access to New Markets

International Standards help prevent trade barriers and open up global markets

Environmental benefits

International Standards help reduce negative impacts on the environment, and helps the world to be a safest place to live

Process Enhancement

With our philosophy of continuous improvement, your processes will always be up to the level and forefront the near future


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